Ingenii Engineering Firm


November 26, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

We have had the pleasure of working with Michael Kelty and other INGENII, LLC structural engineers on three projects this year.

All three projects were complex in scope and required attentive response during the preliminary design, contract document, and construction phases of all of the projects.

Their advice during the preliminary design services was invaluable, providing value engineering information and creative solutions. The final designs incorporated many of their ideas.

The contract document phases of our services required complete and thorough design, drawings and specifications within a limited time schedule. They delivered their services within the time frame, including changes necessitated by owner initiated scope revisions.

Requests for Information, shop drawing reviews and field telephone calls during the construction phases required nearly immediate responses. INGENII, LLC provided complete information and directions in a very timely manner.

The three projects varied in size, but required thorough knowledge of several different types of building construction systems. High quality design and construction were essential for the projects' success.

Our experience of professional engineering services were exceeded in all respects, and as a result, we highly recommend INGENII, LLC for any projects you may be considering.


Gary B. Phillips, AIA, NCARB